Zenescoop Previews: Sinbad Crossover #3

Zenescoop Previews is here and we are taking a look at Sinbad. Sinbad made a long-awaited return to our comics in special crossover in 2011. Here’s issue three of the Grimm Fairy Tales Sinbad Crossover in anticipation of the trade paperback. The trade will be available in stores this March. Many Zenescope fans have been waiting for another adventure featuring Sinbad and this was a good one. These previews are an important opportunity for us to be able to give something back to our fans and that is why we do them. Here’s a look at the cover…


Alfredo Reyes did the pencils for this cover and Ivan Nunes colored it. Solid work by both of these talented artists. Now, let’s take a look inside the book…























These are pages 4-9 of the issue and there is a hell of a lot of action happening here! Shemus Beyale, Sheldon Goh, and colorist Jeremey Colwell handle the scenes beautifully. Sinbad is just as thrilling and captivating as always. Grimm Fairy Tales Sinbad crossover part 3 is available now in stores and on our web store:


We’re glad we are able to bring you these inside looks and we hope you’re enjoying them. A special thanks to our graphic designer Christopher Cote for  all the hard work he puts in to get these images ready for previews. He may not be the artist, but he is the one that is helping make these previews possible.


So what do you think? Let us know in the comments below. We always love to get feedback from our fans.

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Zenescoop Previews: Alice in Wonderland #2


Zenescoop Previews is back and we have a real treat for you. Alice #1 sold out on release day (though it’s still available on Comixology and the Zenescope app), and is the fastest selling title in Zenescope’s history. We wanted to thank our fans for picking up the book, and we certainly hope you enjoyed it. Now it’s time to preview the next issue in the series.

1,000 Ways to Die released this week, as well as a number of other strong issues from our Grimm Myths and Legends and Grimm Fairy Tales series. We’ll certainly preview the interiors of those as well. The upcoming release of Alice is what we’re focusing on today.

Without further ado, Alice #2 :

Stjepan Sejic gave us the cover to Alice #2, and what a cover it is. I’m just amazed by how bright the fungus seems to be. The gals look fantastic too, but that goes without say. It is a great cover. Now, onto the interiors…

That’s pages 4, 5, 9 and now, the completed the two page spread that we saw the pencils of last week…

Very nice!

Jason Embury did a great job on the coloring in this issue. Robert Gill’s layouts and pencils are very just as solid as ever. These two have teamed up well to bring the fans another quality issue of Alice. The previews will keep on coming, so make sure to continue to check the blog continuously. Also, don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below. The more you talk, the more we listen.


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Zenescope In the News


We had a very exciting few weeks of news and reviews. We celebrated the holidays,  announced the Jungle Book, and have been very active letting everyone know what’s going on. But, there are a number of comic book sites that have been talking about us as well. So, we thought we’d let you know whose talking about us, and what they’re talking about.

The Announcement of Jungle Book

Much of these posts are just of our press release, but it’s important for our fans to see where they can find news about Zenescope. Click the site names for the links to their articles.

Newsarama - (These guys had a teaser up a few weeks ago that we weren’t commenting about (until now)


ICv2 - (we showed up in their newsletter twice!) 

Aint it Cool News (there are a lot of people talking about the book here)

Comic Book Resources         

Graphic Policy

Major Spoilers       

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Comic Art Community 

Broken Frontier 

Digital Spy



Wizard World – FLY was named to Wizard World’s top 10 list for comics in 2011!

Horrortalk - Escape from Wonderland made it into their top 10 Horror Comics of 2011.

thepullbox.com – Eric reviews our Grimm Fairy Tales 2011 Holiday Edition.

Civilian Reader Blog - The Theater 1-3 and the Grimm Fairy Tales 2011 Holiday Edition were all covered in their round up.

nfamousgamers.com - “Arcee” reviews The Theater #3.

nfamousgamers.com – “Arcee reviews Grimm Fairy Tales 2011 Holiday Edition.

Comic Attack - Billy reviews Grimm Fairy Tales 2011 Holiday Edition.

 Other News

BrokenFrontier - They did a feature of all the comic book holiday cards, and we were included.

Well, that is it for now. Have you come across a website talking about Zenescope? Let us know in the comments below? Did you review one of our comics? Send us the link!

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Zenescoop Previews: Grimm Fairy Tales

One of the things we really want to be focusing on (on the blog) is the books that have been coming out recently. We hope to show you some things about the series that you may not have checked out yet. We thought one good way of doing that would be to present you with some of the interior art and story of our comics. We sure do have a lot of talented artists working on our titles, and we don’t want you to miss out on their great work. So, we will be featuring some of our issues  from our various series in a our new Zenescoop Previews posts.


Now, Let’s have a look at Grimm Fairy Tales #66

And that’s only the cover! Let’s take a look under the hood, here is page 6…

 And now, pages 18 and 19…











Zenescope has had a great 2011, and we have a lot of talented artists to thank for that. Rick Ross and Eddy Swan were the talents on the interiors and Fan Yang gave us that amazing cover in this issue of Grimm Fairy Tales. If you haven’t yet got yourself a copy of this specific issue, don’t forget that we sell all of our comic books on our website. This issue is available here.


Got an issue you think really needs to be featured? Just want to share your opinion on what we’re previewing? Please do! You are welcome to leave a comment on our blog, or you can “Like” us on Facebook, or Follow us on Twitter and share your thoughts with us.