The Zenescope Summer Sale!


We are so excited for the launch of the Wonderland ongoing series, Grimm #75 and all the other exciting product coming out this July, we’ve decided to have a SALE to celebrate!


We’ll be doing 10% off all orders over $50. Just use the discount code: wonderfull and enjoy the savings!


Also, we are excited to announce that, starting July, we will be giving away 1 collectible trading card a month to each customer that spends $100 or more. Each month will feature a new card. The cards are trading cards of the six new Grimm Fairy Tales trade paperback covers. July’s trading card is none other than red riding hood. SO, purchase away and get your hands on this awesome trading card, while saving money!


Additionally, Zenescope is celebrating it’s 7th year anniversary, and just made some amazing homage covers available in Diamond Previews, including the “Sela No More” cover.

There are a number of other stand out titles available, including the Godstorm and Robyn Hood mini series, both beginning in September. Be sure to pre-order those as well.

Spring Fling Sale!


We have an awesome sale going on for our website this month! The Spring Fling sale will run all month long and we are sure you’ll be excited about it.

We want to “fling” some awesome stuff your way, so, all May long, for every $100 you spend, you be getting a limited to 500 exclusive for FREE!!! That’s right! Every $100 you spend, you get a FREE exclusive.

Now, we have to give you some directions on how to go about getting your exclusive(s).

1. Place an order of $100 or more on our web store (

2. Email Glenn ( with your name and order number.

3. Glenn will reply to confirm your order has earned you an exclusive and will send you a list to choose from.

Just so you are aware, here is a list of some of the series that have exclusives available:

  • Charmed
  • Neverland Hook
  • Grimm Fairy Tales
  • Escape from Wonderland
  • Grimm Myths and Legends
*if the series is not listed here, you are welcome to request something, but we have limited amounts of the exclusives in stock. 

This is about as easy as we can make it. We hope you take advantage of it.

SALE ALERT: Wonderland Books on Sale on ComiXology

Well, it isn’t every day that you find a great deal on the comics you love. Actually, now that the holidays are behind us, that “crazy sale” time is over. So, we thought it would be a great time for a sale on our books. It’s 2012, and for Zenescope, the beginning of 2012 = Alice.

And where there’s Alice there’s a trip to Wonderland. Our Wonderland is very different from the classic children’s tale though. We figured anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to read our Wonderland series should pick them up. Starting today and ending Thursday, all of our Wonderland series books are on sale on ComiXology for only $0.99!!!

Click Here to go to the ComiXology store

Wonderland has been one of the most successful series for us, and our upcoming story of Alice’s adventure is going to be well worth the wait. Alice #1 will be out on store shelves this January so catch up on all the happenings in Wonderland now.

Remember, we always want to know what you think about our books, so if you read our stories, make sure to rate them in the ComiXology store. This is a great way to share your opinions with other comic book readers like yourself and let the world know what you think.

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