Whore Reviews and Interviews !

The Fellowship of the Geek provide yet another excellent review for the graphic novel, Whore. The book is published by Zenescope Entertainment and is on sale now!

“The book has a sort of James Bond-esque feel to it; Jake does things that we only dream about or watch on the movie screen. And he does tend to go a bit farther than Bond ever would (at least on screen)… this book is an adventure from start to finish. Definitely worth checking out.”



The latest SciFi Pulse podcast has an interview with writer Jeffrey Kaufman. Jeffrey’s new graphic novel, Whore, is on sale now!



Brandon Borzelli and ComicList gives a great review of Whore, on sale now from Zenescope Entertainment!

“I found this book to start off as a dark parody that turned into a page-turner that left me stunned at the end. For the most part the book is PG-13 (a lot cursing and very soft sex scenes with no nudity) that was a very entertaining and definitely worth a look.”



Another great review from Blog Critic